The Pellew Street Horror

The Pellew Street Horror & Other Strange True Tales is one of my favourite Tom Slemen books, and the title tale actually gives me nightmares. We never really find out what the Pellew Street Horror is; is he some hybrid, a demon, a mutation? Some say its all there in the text (or subtext) but I do know that this one story creeps me out. I won’t say any more because I’d probably spoil the ending. Here’s the blurb and link for this book:

31 strange but true tales to make your flesh creep, to intrigue you and to give you sleepless nights – all from the pen of Tom Slemen, one of the country’s top writers and researchers of all things supernatural… Amongst the 31 tales you will read about the bizarre but terrifying creature who terrorised people in Victorian times in Liverpool’s Pellew Street… What was he? Man, beast, or some freak of nature hybrid?

And what about the eerie, deadly creatures who live alongside us in another dimension from which they pilfer our property and even kill and abduct people? Read about their creepy activity in The Takers…
Read about the weird and sick possession cases that have been reported in churches of all places…And also read about a new widely-reported phenomenon in which people have received cruel, damaging emails from the Devil…

“Encased in a cube of transparent acrylic glass lay the grotesque shaven head of his partner. He listened to the tips of the straws leading from her nostrils and mouth, and detected a faint hissing sound as her chest rhythmically rose and fell. “What have I done?” Glenn asked himself, viewing the wreck of the once beautiful woman he loved.” (Taken from the story ‘Head Case’, a spine-chilling thriller exploring a warped mind and twisted act of revenge.)
‘Skeleton Crew’, is another page turner; a true maritime mystery which tells of the fate of the Glenalyon, a ship which bore many of the hallmarks of its more famous counterpart, the Mary Celeste:
“… they were forced to wade, ankle deep, through fetid water, in order to survey the nightmarish scene. The chronometer had stopped at exactly half-past four, and on the captain’s table lay an open Bible, next to a revolver with two chambers loaded, and a sealed bottle containing the message, “Jesus guide this to some helper. Merciful God do not let us perish.”
What could possibly have befallen the stricken ship, on which all the crew members had perished?
These two extracts provide just a taste of the grisly delights contained in this disturbing yet stimulating book by Tom Slemen. For those with an appetite for the macabre, and an interest in supernatural goings-on, this is the book for you.


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