Tales of the Talking Picture


Tales of the Talking Picture is a very imaginative first novel by Tom Slemen, which tells the story of a witch named Rhiannon Tanglewyst (of the Tanglewyst sisters of Haunyed Liverpool 4) trapped in an oval portrait. The witch in her picture has hung from the walls of many residences humble and grand, and witnessed many strange things – she even hung on the cabin walls of the Mary Celeste… (the story concerning this ship is one of the most graphic and gory I have ever read).

I read the paperback of this novel in two days and was absolutely enchanted by the stories interwoven against the main story about a boy and his first girlfriend – a feisty Goth named Christina. The story about the ultimate answer to the universe and why we are all here reminded me of Tom Slemen’s controversial reference to the Four Words that can drive you mad because they explain why we are all here.  Here’s the blurb to the paperback and Kindle version of this fabulous book:

Tales of the Talking Picture is a fabulous science-fiction fantasy novel by Tom Slemen about a boy who comes into possession of an old oval portrait of a woman named Rhiannon Tanglewyst, who happens to be a witch who has been trapped within the picture for centuries. Rhiannon tells Matthew and his troublesome girlfriend, a Goth named Christina, fantastical tales from the future and the past, from a grisly and terrifying account of what really happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste, to the strange mission of a secret agent who must face a chilling foe in the guise of a child? The imaginative tales also cover battling wizards, The Titanic, the sinister Sunday King, the heart-warming tale of a boy who befriends a giant alien insect, and a petty crook who makes the mistake of trying on an electronic thinking cap?only to discover the Ultimate Answer to the Universe? Tales of the Talking Picture is a guaranteed feelgood read from one of England?s master storytellers, Tom Slemen!

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2 thoughts on “Tales of the Talking Picture

  1. It sounds like a great read,I can’t wait to get it but I can’t find it anywhere,I’ve been to lots of book stores and had no luck.
    Is it only for the kindle?

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