Murders of Merseyside


This book – available in paperback and Kindle format – is a real tour de force of the many murders that have taken place locally here on Merseyside (or at least have local connections with murders that took place elsewhere), and some of the conclusions Tom Slemen comes to are nothing short of controversial. Many people now believe Tom has solved the infamous Man from the Pru murder case – or the Julia Wallace murder of 1931. Tom’s painstaking research and many interviews with people connected to the aftermath of this supposedly ‘unsolvable’ murder put other books on the Wallace Murder firmly in the shade. The twist in the end of the Wallace Murder case in Tom’s book was very unexpected and really made me re-evaluate my take on the case. The other murder accounts in the book are also gripping, especially the Cranborne Road Murder, which is supposed to be another unsolved murder case which has lain in the police files for over sixty years. I would really recommend this Tom Slemen book if you are into both crime and unsolved crimes with a local angle. Here’s the blurb and link:

In this compelling study of true crime, Liverpool’s most popular author Tom Slemen recounts some of the most intriguing and baffling murders of Merseyside such as:

• The baffling case of the Victorian canned corpse
• The magistrate’s beautiful granddaughter who was killed by a crazed admirer
• The condemned man who was hanged twice
• Frederick Deeming – the Rainhill psychopath who wiped out his own family and danced on their grave with his next victim
• The bizarre link between a South Seas cult and the housewife who was stabbed fourteen times in her Knotty Ash home by a killer who struck under the cover of a fog
• The unsolved case of the superintendent and his son who died of gunshot wounds under mysterious circumstances – in a police station
• The enigmatic murder of Julia Wallace – and a very credible solution
• The only assassination of a British prime minister – by a Liverpool businessman
Plus many more fascinating murder cases.
This fascinating book is a must for all readers of true crime in general and Liverpudlians and Merseysiders in particular.

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