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Firstly, I am not the writer Tom Slemen – I’m a Tom Slemen fan and have been reading his books since I was 13. I have every book Tom has written. I live in Liverpool and love reading about my home town, especially the unusual and paranormal side of the city. With Tom Slemen’s permission I will be printing some of his tales and comments here and hope like-minded people will enjoy this blog.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I am a new Tom Slemen reader. I am looking for the story about the Nannys secret. Can you help me. I have tried to find it in local bookshops and so far no joy. I expect it is in one of the many published books, but which one? I read part of this story in the Echo news paper, but only part 1 then i found another bit but much further on in the story. I would love to read the full story in the correct order.

  2. Hi there Liz. I have asked Tom about this and he says Nanny’s Secret is in the paperback of Haunted Liverpool 19, which should be out in a few weeks. I also like the story about Maggie May.

    • Hi there Alex. That’s a very interesting suspect you have cited and he does bear some resemblance to the identikit of Zodiac, however Mr Nevis seems a slender man, and Tom believes Zodiac was more round faced and stocky, and Tom also believes the Zodiac is still alive and living as a recluse.Thanks for your suggestion though.

      • Thank you for answer, Tom. But I always, including before to finding the Zodiac, assumed that he was long dead (because so vain and world-famous criminal could not never express themselves in many decades), and that he was not very round and fat (judging by his portraits, as well as Brian Hartnell said: “The police showed me a solid and tough subjects. But I think, that guy the other type, he was a more simple” ).

  3. Bryan Hartnell never saw face of The Zodiac without that black hood he wore during the knife attack. The Zodiac is living as a recluse because if he knows they have his DNA and prints and so he stays out of trouble. However, he will most probably leave a confession behind in an envelope, deposited in the safe of his lawyer.
    On a separate subject Alex, do you “sense” what happened to Madeleine McCann? Have you ever thought of using your psychic powers to find her?

    • Hi Tom.

      Bryan Hartnell spoke not about face, but about the Zodiac constitution. And on the portraits, drawn on his description, it is visible that the Zodiac not thick, but ordinary man.

      Zodiac sent letters already when he knew that the police has his fingerprints, and even tried to challenge it in one his letter.

      Unfortunately, I am not the high-grade psychic, who can receive signals constantly and voluntarily, I receive its periodically, regardless of my desire, when I long and tensely suspect a subject, interesting me. But high-grade psychics, probably, could help you with Madeleine McCann.

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