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Welcome to my blog about all things Tom Slemen. I am a big fan of Tom and have been reading his books and listening to him on the radio for years. In my opinion Tom Slemen is the best writer I have ever read regarding the paranormal. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and publicise it.

Tom Slemen’s official site is at www.slemen.com


12 thoughts on “Hi there…

  1. Tom’s forum was hacked by a person who has stalked him for some time and Tom can’t comment on the identity of the person at the moment because of legal reasons. Tom has also had a number of cyberstalkers. If you read the constant posts of one particular member of a certain well-known forum regarding Tom, you’ll have some idea of the unhealthy fixation these people have with him.

  2. Hi, do you know if there are any plans to release his recent books in paperback? I dont have a kindle and I have every book Tom has ever written….I count down the days til the next one! I am so dissapointed there are about 5 or 6 now that I cant read because of the format 😦

    • All of Tom’s books in Kindle format will eventually be available in print, even the fiction books such as Tales of the Talking Picture and Tall Tales for Little People are now available through Amazon and some local stores in paperback form. Tom says he is aware that not all people read epubs and Kindle books but says that ebook readers petitioned him for years to release his work in ebook/Kindle form.

    • I have been in contact with Tom and his publisher, the Bluecoat Press. Apparently, the Kindle editions are often longer than the paperback editions because of printed page size restrictions (i.e. the paperback format has to adhere to strict size limitations so the book volumes are not uneven in size), whereas the Kindle editions, being electronic, can often run past the usual 120-130 printed page limit. The Kindle ebooks, are of course, never out of stock, and available immediately to download, whereas Tom’s paperbacks often sell out within a week or two and have to be reprinted, which takes time.

      • Ahhh right cool cheers, only asked because on his website it mentions that the kindle version of HL19 has about the “witch of County Rd” but the book hasn’t, I don’t use kindles so wasn’t sure if the paperbacks have less stories in them

  3. Hi could please tell me when is Tom’s next book or books are out on the kindle I have them all even really early ones haunted liverpool by Thomas slemen not by blue coat press? And other ones of Tom’s about the mind ??

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